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Weathering the Changes: Climate Change and Its Effect on Contractors

by Joel Harper on 2018-02-19 2:13pm

Image by: Jay The world is changing and this includes the global climate Average temperatures have shifted and weather patterns seem to be trending in extreme directions...

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It's a Small World After All … Living Large in Alternative Spaces

by Brian P. Murphy on 2018-01-31 8:35am

Talk about alternative facts, alt-right, or alt-news and a maelstrom of arguments will inevitably follow But talk about alternative forms of lifestyle and living quarters and, just perhaps, the positive creative juices will begin to flow...

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The Story of the Disappearing Contractors

by Joel Harper on 2018-01-16 8:26am

Image by: bridgesward One of the challenges facing the country in the near future is a shortage of skilled contractors The housing market has made an effective recovery in the wake of the recession...

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Wisconsin: Union Busting, or Punishing PLAs?

by Chuck Rehdorf on 2017-10-18 11:26am

  Image credit: atyourpaceonline   In a nation in which states pride themselves on each being unique, Wisconsin is as unique as they get From hundreds of miles of river and lake shoreline, to a major city whose history includes the Bridge War that led to the creation of Milwaukee, it is a place where some of the rugged individualists appear to still live...

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Pass or Fail: The Workplace Drug Test

by Karla Allen on 2017-09-01 8:42am

Image credit: pixabaycom     In the wake of the mounting opioid crisis, employers from law firms to manufacturers are discovering that the latest competitive advantage is the ability to pass the test no one studies for: the drug test...

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