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Wisconsin 18 Hour 2017 NEC Review

clock hour icon 18h course

This course is designed to help you meet your continuing education requirements by covering changes made to Chapters 1-9 of the 2017 NEC. The course has been approved by the State of Wisconsin and will be reviewing code for the following subjects:

  • General & Definitions
  • Wiring and Protection
  • Wiring Methods and Materials
  • Equipment for General Use
  • Special Occupancies
  • Special Equipment
  • Special Conditions
  • Communication Systems

This course is also approved for Commercial Electrical Inspectors, UDC-Electrical Inspectors, & Industrial Journeyman.

Course Approval #: 18927

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Wisconsin Electrical License Renewal Requirements

  • Industrial Journeyman, Residential Journeyman, and Residential Master Electricians are required to obtain 18 hours of CE
  • Journeyman, Master, and Registered electricians are required to complete 24 hours of CE
  • Master and Journeyman electrical continuing education is due by June 30th every 4 years
  • Registered electricians must have their CE done annually based on the date that their license is issued

As a professional electrician in Wisconsin, you’re most likely aware that getting your license from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) isn’t enough. You also need to take steps on a regular basis to maintain that license.

The trick is that different license types have different Wisconsin electrical license renewal requirements. Find out your license type’s to-dos here. Follow the steps and make sure you meet the requirements by your license type’s deadline. If you do, you’ll have no trouble keeping your electrical license current with the DSPS.

Wisconsin electrical apprentice license renewal

If you’re an electrical apprentice, you’ll be glad to know that your renewal is one of the cheapest and easiest around. 

Basically, you just need to send your renewal fee and proof that you’re still indentured in an apprenticeship program including the dates of that apprenticeship to the DSPS. Your fee, assuming you send it in on time, is just $15. (It’s $30 if you’re late.)

Your renewal is due every year on the date your apprentice license was issued. Before that date, send in your fee and indentured date to:

Department of Safety and Professional Services

Trades Credentialing Unit

PO Box 78780

Milwaukee, WI 53293-0780


Wisconsin master electrician license renewal

As a master electrician, you want to be extra diligent about maintaining your licensure since you’ve reached such a high level. Fortunately for you, your license renewal is only due every 4 years on June 30. Mark the date on your calendar so you don’t miss it. The long gap between renewals can make it easy to forget.

Before the renewal deadline, you need to:

  • Complete your continuing education: The DSPS requires that all master electricians take 24 hours of continuing education during each renewal cycle. Fortunately, you can knock these out online at your own pace. If you’re not sure how many continuing education hours you’ve completed, you can use the DSPS license lookup tool. Enter your credential number and click your name. You should see the number of completed CE hours that the state has on file for you.
  • Pay the fee: Renewal costs $200 for master electricians.
  • Send in your renewal: The easiest way to renew your Wisconsin master electrician license is to do so online through the DSPS’s online renewal system. You should be able to pay your fee electronically there, too. 

Wisconsin journeyman electrician license renewal

Your renewal process looks nearly identical to the master electrician’s process, with one notable difference: your renewal fee is much smaller. Here are your to-dos to renew as a journeyman electrician. These are due by June 30 every four years:

  • Complete your continuing education: You also need 24 hours of continuing education each renewal cycle. And you also have the option to take them online so you can get them done as you have the time. If you’re not sure how many CE hours the DSPS has on file for you so far, check in their license lookup tool.
  • Pay the fee: Your renewal fee as a journeyman electrician is $100.
  • Submit your renewal: Use the DSPS’s online renewal system to complete your renewal and pay the fee.

Mark your renewal date on your calendar. Then, as it nears, check off these steps. Do that, and you’ll have no problem meeting the Wisconsin electrical license renewal requirements.

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